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Explore our Premium Hazard Labels!

Dive into our range of hazard labels and discover high-quality solutions for your shipping and storage needs. From standard formats to custom-printed labels, we offer everything you need for safe and efficient shipping. 


Your specialist for packaging processes and dangerous goods labels

Welcome to BOXLAB Services, the online shop for dangerous goods labels. We are your reliable partner for professional packaging and logistics solutions. Here you will find a wide range of products, including dangerous goods labels, hazardous substance labels, placards, warning signs, and hazard labels, to help you meet your packaging and labeling requirements.

BOXLAB Services offers its customers classic products such as labels and packaging materials, as well as their individualization, and combines them in various combinations, adapted to the needs of each customer. We at BOXLAB Services call this: system solutions. Thereby we create new standards, which offer you enormous advantages in the areas of ordering, storage space, handling and disposal.

Dangerous goods labels

Discover the safety and quality of BOXLAB Services dangerous goods labels! Our compact danger labels (100x100mm) provide precise information, while our placards (250x250mm) meet the ADR standards and set new safety standards. With our warning signs (400x300mm) you receive clear warnings and our technical names (420x287mm) are clearly displayed. Also discover our other, ADR special regulations, IATA labels and additional labels for comprehensive dangerous goods labeling. Order now for proven quality from BOXLAB Services and rely on safety and precision!

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Hazardous material labels

Discover our wide range of high-quality GHS labels for safe and efficient labeling of hazardous substances! As a leading provider of hazardous materials labeling solutions, we offer a diverse selection of GHS labels in various sizes and materials. Our GHS labels meet the strict requirements of the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and ensure reliable communication of hazard warnings. With us you will find the right label for your individual requirements and ensure that your hazardous substances are clearly and safely labeled. Welcome to us - your reliable partner for high-quality GHS labels and hazardous substance labeling solutions!

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Discover clear labels at BOXLAB Services. Our ISO EN 7010 / ASR A1.3 products meet the highest standards. Effective markings for pipelines and tank containers ensure safety. Our motor vehicle signs promote safe driving. General characteristics for various applications round off our range. Quality and safety – order today!

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Optimize your dangerous goods solutions with accessories from BOXLAB Services. Our starter kits make it easier to get started, while our tools efficiently support the labeling process. PE boards offer additional security and information in the desired format. Also discover our gift ideas for original and useful presents. BOXLAB Services offers not only products, but also practical accessories for efficient and safe dangerous goods processes. Order now and optimize your processes with our high-quality accessories!

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New Products
Discover our latest products in the online store
ADR Mark Multilateral Agreement M354, UN3551, 100x100mm, 1 pc per sheet
ADR marking Multilateral Agreement M354, UN3551, 100x100mm, 1 piece per sheetThe ADR marking according to The Multilateral Agreement M354 for UN3551 batteries sets a new standard for the safe labeling and transport of sodium-ion batteries. These labels have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Multilateral Agreement M354 and to ensure the safe transport of sodium-ion batteries.Each label is 100x100mm in size. and allows for clear and visible labeling in accordance with the provisions of the Multilateral Agreement M354. With just one label per sheet, handling is easy and efficient.Material:All dangerous goods labels from BOXLAB Services are made of a special material and are therefore special weatherproof, oil and dirt repellent. The material is characterized by a high level of flexibility, so that it adapts well even to curved surfaces. It remains very temperature-resistant. The special adhesive, certified to BS 5609 Section III, adheres exceptionally well even to critical surfaces.Application:It is recommended , with appropriate pre-cleaning (BOXLAB Bio Cleaner, Art. 610002) and a squeegee (BOXLAB Squeegee, Art. 610001) to apply the hazardous goods and hazardous substance labels in order to achieve the optimal adhesion. An injury-proof scraper (BOXLAB safety scraper, item 610003) is recommended for removing old hazardous substance and dangerous goods labels.

3in1 MultiMark hazard label, individualized, rotated left, 148x105mm, 4 per sheet
The "3in1 MultiMark danger label" is the perfect solution for companies that need efficient and uniform labeling of their dangerous goods packaging. By combining the danger label, ADR shipping label with the note "Overpack" and individual UN number on a single label, you save time, labor and material costs. The label meets all relevant regulations and offers flexibility for different labeling requirements.Material: Manufactured on high quality PE material, it is supplied on an A4 sheet containing four A6 sized labels. What makes this product special is the certified material and print according to BS 5609 Section III, which ensures above-average seawater resistance. Despite its high-quality certification, this label is cheaper for our customers than three individual labels. By reducing the three references to one label, we not only make procurement and storage easier. Using a single label format reduces complexity and operational handling is significantly simplified. Order note:Our product includes a diverse selection of example images that illustrate the different classes of dangerous goods and the corresponding UN numbers. As standard, we offer the same individual combination of dangerous goods class and UN number four times on one sheet.Customers have the option of ordering multiple combinations by adding the product to the shopping cart multiple times or ordering additional combinations in 40 increments. To do this, you can specify your desired dangerous goods classes and UN numbers in the comment field when completing your order. We are able to represent all classes and UN numbers to meet the individual requirements of our customers.We are happy to accept special requests for individually designed labels. Please simply email your specific requirements to our team. We will do our best to fulfill your individual needs.We would also like to point out that the labels are offered in the store as left-rotated labels as standard. However, customers also have the option to rotate the labels at a 45° angle to the right to fit their specific packaging. Please indicate your preference in the comments box and we will implement your requirements accordingly.Our aim is to offer our customers a versatile and user-friendly solution for labeling hazardous goods packaging. With the "3in1 MultiMark Hazard Label" you get a high quality product that meets your dangerous goods labeling requirements while offering flexibility and adaptability.

GHS07, Irritant or Sensitizer, Warning, 105x74mm, 8 labels per sheet
Hazard Label "GHS Label" according to CLP, REACH Our GHS labels comply with international standards of CLP and REACH, providing reliable labeling for the safe transportation of hazardous materials. Each label is available in the new standard format of 105x74mm and includes a signal word that clearly indicates the hazard. Material Our hazardous material labels are made from a special material that is particularly weather-resistant and offers excellent resistance to oil and dirt. The high flexibility allows for easy adaptation to curved surfaces, while the material also withstands extreme temperatures. The certified adhesive according to BS 5609 Section III ensures exceptionally strong adhesion, even on critical surfaces. Application We recommend using our BOXLAB Bio Cleaner (Art. 610002) and a squeegee (BOXLAB Squeegee, Art. 610001) to ensure optimal adhesion for applying the hazardous material and substance labels. For the removal of old labels, we recommend our injury-proof safety scraper (BOXLAB Safety Scraper, Art. 610003).

Everything for lithium-ion batteries
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Charging/storage box for lithium-ion batteries
The RACLAN Box from Fisacon is an innovative solution for the safe transportation and storage of lithium ion batteries. The housing is made of non-flammable material, making it particularly safe and explosion-proof. The box can also be safely used in enclosed spaces as it is free from hazardous substances.What sets the RACLAN Box apart is its ability to safely charge lithium ion batteries within the box. An integrated pressure-free extinguishing and cooling system is available, which automatically activates in case of overheating or defects in the batteries. In addition, a backup power supply is integrated for monitoring electronics to ensure the safety of the batteries in the event of a power outage.The RACLAN Box is the first of its kind to be tested and certified by DMT (TÜV NORD). BOXLAB Services not only provides innovative and sustainable solutions, but also adheres to the highest safety standards. The RACLAN Box is the ideal solution for companies and individuals who want to transport and store lithium ion batteries safely.

Mark ADR Special regulation 188, UN3481, 100x100mm, 3.000 pcs per roll
Dangerous goods label "Hazard Label" according to ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG CodeAll danger labels are in the standard format 100x100mm and are seawater-resistant according to&rszlig; BS 5609 Section III. Hazard labels from BOXLAB Services are qualitatively and above ADR requirements. With every update of the ADR, we check our danger labels for their validity, so you always receive the latest and most up-to-date layouts and specifications.MaterialAll dangerous goods labels from BOXLAB Services are made of a special material, they are particularly weatherproof, oil and dirt-repellent. The material is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, which means that it also adapts well to irregular surfaces. It remains very temperature-resistant. The special adhesive, certified to BS 5609 Section III, underlies exceptionally well, even on critical surfaces.Application:It is empentsfoh pre-cleaning (BOXLAB Bio Cleaner, Art . 610002) and a squeegee ( BOXLAB squeegee, item 610001) to apply the hazardous goods and hazardous substance labels in order to create the optimum adhesive force. An injury-proof scraper is recommended for the removal of old hazardous material and dangerous goods labels (BOXLAB safety scraper, Art. 610003).

DIN A4, Individualized, 297x210mm, 1 pc per sheet
Adhesive label, PE material, strongly adhesiveindividualizedDimensions sheet: 210x297mmDimensions label: 210x297mm

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Welcome to the Hazardous Goods Labels Online Shop by BOXLAB Services! Here, you can buy and order high-quality hazardous goods labels online. Our extensive range includes labels for various hazardous goods classes and applications. With our labels, you can ensure that your hazardous goods transports comply with legal regulations and proceed safely. Explore our wide selection of hazardous goods labels and benefit from our expertise in hazardous goods labeling. Visit our shop today and conveniently order your hazardous goods labels online.

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BOXLAB Services is your reliable hazardous goods labels shop. We offer a diverse selection of high-quality labels for the safe transport of hazardous goods. At our shop, you can conveniently purchase and order hazardous goods labels online. Our shop includes labels for various hazardous goods classes and applications. We prioritize quality and compliance with legal regulations. Rely on our extensive experience in hazardous goods labeling and order your hazardous goods labels from our shop today.

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Discover the online shop for hazardous goods labels by BOXLAB Services. Here, you will find a wide range of high-quality labels specifically designed for the safe transport of hazardous goods. In our shop, you can conveniently buy and order hazardous goods labels online. We offer labels for various hazardous goods classes and applications, all compliant with legal regulations. Trust in our expertise and order your hazardous goods labels from our user-friendly online shop. Make your hazardous goods transports safe and reliable with BOXLAB Services.