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BOXLAB Services offers its customers classic products such as labels and packaging materials, as well as their individualization, and combines them in various combinations, adapted to the needs of each customer. We at BOXLAB Services call this: system solutions. Thereby we create new standards, which offer you enormous advantages in the areas of ordering, storage space, handling and disposal.

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ADR, IMDG-Code, RID 2023 Starter Kits - Hazard Labels

ADR 2023 Starter Kit - Hazard Label

€59.99* €87.74* (31.63% saved)
IMDG-Code 2023 Starter Kit - Hazard Label

€204.99* €232.74* (11.92% saved)
RID 2023 Starter Kit - Hazard Label

€79.99* €107.74* (25.76% saved)

Get the practical BOXLAB Starter Kits and convince yourself of our quality. Our exclusive ADR, IMDG-Code or RID 2023 Starter Kit contains, in addition to the current ADR, IMDG-Code or RID 2023 and 100 samples of hazard labels (single sheet) individually compiled by you, a practical safety scraper for removing old labels incl. hazard assessment, our BOXLAB BIO cleaner, for quick and optimal cleaning of surfaces, as well as a practical squeegee for bubble-free application of new placards or hazard labels for optimal hold. For product features, please refer to the respective individual products in our store.

Single prices (gross): ADR: 54,99€ IMDG-Code: 199,99€ RID: 74,99€

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Ordering effort

Who orders with 3 clicks is happier. Through our app, ordering our entire range is as easy as you would otherwise only know it from a certain online marketplace - thanks to QR code scan maybe even a little easier.


Storage space 

Who orders from quantity 1, orders less. If you know you will receive your goods within 24 hours, you only order what you really need. This is how we avoid full storage areas at our customers. It's as simple as that.


Effort in handling

Easy handling on site, combining label formats, combining various articles - with many customized solutions we support and make life easier for many drivers and warehouse staff.


Disposal costs

Those who react promptly throw away less. Goods disposal due to damaged outer packaging or disposal of labels due to expiry of shelf life or layout change are completely eliminated with us.

Dangerous goods

In transport and logistics, dangerous goods are substances, preparations and objects that contain ingredients which, due to their nature or properties - both physical or chemical - or their condition during transport, may pose certain risks to public safety or order, in particular to the general public, important common goods, life and health of humans, animals and property, and which are classified as dangerous goods on the basis of legal regulations. 

Dangerous goods labels 

As a BOXLAB Services customer, you receive any hazardous material labels and dangerous goods labels in standard formats with individual imprint. All labels are seawater resistant according to BS 5609 and meet all ADR requirements so that you can fully concentrate on your core business. For example, we offer individualized placards and placards in the standard format 250x250mm. Likewise in the assortment danger labels in the format 100x100mm as single sheet or on role. Many other formats are available with individualized printing on request. All labels are available from quantity 1 and can be delivered in 24h. 

About BOXLAB Services

We are a start-up spun off from BASF and deal with the optimization of labels and packaging processes - especially in the area of hazardous goods. Our customer base now includes over 100 warehouses in 20 countries. We have already delivered to the first satisfied customers during the first three months and have since developed, tested and successfully introduced various service offerings. For the future, we are now planning to expand these services so that every customer can be provided with a fully comprehensive solution covering all aspects of labeled packaging.